[Blogparade] Thursday Movie Picks #104


Wanderer von Wandering through the Shelves hat vor längerer Zeit diese kleine Parade namens "Thursday Movie Picks" ins Leben gerufen und ich möchte 2016 nun mit einsteigen. Es geht darum, jeden Donnerstag eine Liste mit drei Filmen zu einem Thema zu posten. Da es sich ausserdem um eine englische Challenge handelt, werde ich die Liste zweisprachig machen. So kann ich auch gleich mein Englisch trainieren ;)
Includes English version (sorry for all mistakes!) :)

#104 - Single Location Movies

Ich hab das Thema sicherheitshalber noch einmal nachgeschlagen, aber es ist tatsächlich ganz einfach: Filme, die nur an einem einzigen Ort spielen, meistens ein ziemlich begrenzter Raum. Ich mache es mir natürlich etwas einfacher und habe auch ein paar Filme ausgewählt, die an einem einzigen geographischen Ort spielen ("Casablanca" habe ich leider bereits woanders auf der Liste).
Aber immerhin ist das heutige Thema nicht mehr so schwer wie das von letzter Woche :) Ausserdem habe ich ein Thema im Thema -es sind nämlich alles Horrorfilme!

Just to make sure I did a little research about this topic but actually it's pretty simple: movies that are set on only one place, mostly a small room. Of course I go and make it easier for me and chose some movies that play on one geografical place (sadly I already chose "Casablanca" for another topic).

But at least today's topic isn't that hard as last weeks :) And I got a theme within a theme - all are horror movies!
  1. 30 Days of Night/30 Days of Night
    Einer meiner liebsten Vampirfilme. Spielt irgendwo, wo es kalt und eisig ist und das Tageslicht für einen ganzen Monat verschwindet. Perfek für Vampire, die nun 24/7 Menschen jagen können. Und diese können natürlich nirgends hin. Weil Schnee und Eis und so'n Zeugs.

    One of my favourite vampire movies. Set somewhere cold and icy where daylight vanishes for a whole month. Perfect for vampires since they now've got 24/7 to chase around humans. And they can't go anywhere. Because of snow and ice and stuff.

  2. The Cube/The Cube
    Ich habe nur den ersten gesehen, ihn aber sehr gemocht. Ein paar Menschen finden sich in diesem Würfel wieder und suchen nach dem Ausgang. Natürlich hat es überall Fallen. Schon lange wollte ich diesen Film wieder schauen.

    I've only seen the first one but liked it a lot. People find themselves in this cube and try to find the exit. Of course there are traps everywhere. For quite some time now I've really wanted to rewatch this movie.

  3. The Collector/The Collector
    Ein Film, den wir gerade erst gesehen haben, und obwohl es ein paar Szenen gibt, die ausserhalb des Hauses spielen, finde ich, dass er sehr gut zum heutigen Thema passt. Hauptsächlich spielt der Film nämlich im Haus, das der Collector besuchen kommt. Unser Held versucht die Familie zu retten (und etwas zu stehlen). Ein weiterer sehenswerter Horrorfilm.

    A movie we just watched recently and even though there are some scenes set outside the house I think it fits today's topic. The main set of this movie is the house the Collector comes to visit. Our hero is trying to save the family (and maybe steal something). Another good horror movie to watch.

    Welche Filme fallen euch noch so ein?
    What other movies come to your mind?

Kommentare :

  1. I haven't seen the other two but 30 Days of Night was great! I enjoyed the graphic novels as well.

    1. I really should read the graphic novels as well, I have heard a lot of good stuff about them :)

  2. Haven't seen any of these, thought I might have seen the last but I was thinking of the 60's version of The Collector with Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar. They all sound intense but not especially up my alley. Good choices though.

    My first has a scene that leads up to the main action which is set outside the main locale but once that's done it never strays.

    Albino Alligator (1997)-Starting with a trio of bungling thieves running from a robbery gone wrong they quickly take refuge in an underground bar in New Orleans. Suddenly the joint is surrounded by police but who the cops are pursuing is a murky issue. While the standoff endures emotions run high and dangers escalate. Kevin Spacey directed this stylish throwback with outstanding performances from Matt Dillon, Gary Sinise, William Fichtner, Viggo Mortensen and a wonderfully tough Faye Dunaway.

    Ten Little Indians (1965)-Ten guests arrive at a remote mountaintop mansion only to discover they don’t know each other nor their missing host. Before too long they start being killed off one by one in the fashion of the poem Ten Little Indians. Can any of them solve the mystery before it’s their turn? Second screen version of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” updated to the swingin’ sixties with more hep identities for most of the characters, i.e. Fabian as a rock star and the former spinster now a movie star!

    Rope (1948)-Two men murder a third, a friend of theirs, just to see what it feels like than throw a party while his body resides in a trunk in the middle of the room. Alfred Hitchcock directed this version of the Loeb/Leopold murder. An interesting experiment, the entire film was shot in sequence in extremely long takes, but very stagy. Good performances by James Stewart as the professor who innocently plants the idea in the men’s minds and Farley Granger & John Dall as the murderous lead pair. For a film released in the 50’s the leads are surprisingly obviously gay though it is never explicitly mentioned.

    Oddball Extra:

    “Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?” (1969)-Superstar Heironymus Merkin (Anthony Newley) is filming a movie of his life surrounded by piles of junk and a bed on a ribbon of beach as his mother and children bear witness. While the Greek chorus of devil’s advocate Goodtime Eddie Filth (Milton Berle) and The Presence (Georgie Jessel) battle for his soul Merkin works his way to the top of show biz becoming a drug loving sex addict along the way. Yet he longs for his lost true love, Mercy Humppe (Connie Kreski) despite his marriage to Polyester Poontang (Joan Collins-Newley’s wife at the time, their real life children play their kids in the film-Thaxted and Thumbelina!). Watching the uncompleted footage in a parallel time the producers of this opus scream for him to come up with an ending. Merkin shuffles through his memories to find some value in his life while singing a couple songs and screwing like a rabbit.
    Confused? What with a title like that you were expecting coherence? Watching the film won’t clear anything up for you! Newley directed, produced, wrote & composed the music (all badly) for this exercise in vanity which was originally rated X. This one’s a stretch but in the bizarro world in which it exists it fits, even though it seems to take place in multiple locations it all turns out to really happen at different spots on that damn beach!!

    1. I sure would like to see the original of The Collector!
      Your choices all sound very interesting, especially the last one :D

  3. Hallo!

    Stimmt, so ein Szenario passt perfekt zu einem Horrorfilm. :-)

    "From Dusk Till Dawn"
    "Outland - Planet der Verdammten"
    "Gravity" (auch, wenn das Universum RIESIG ist *g*)
    "Buried - Lebend begraben"
    "Iron Doors"
    "Night of the Living Dead"
    "Dawn of the Dead"
    Generell die meisten Zombie-Filme aufgrund des begrenzten Budgets, mit Ausnahme von "World War Z" :-)
    U-Boot-Filme (eigentlich logisch ;-)
    Der erste "Saw"-Film
    "Tanz der Teufel"
    "Reservoir Dogs"
    "The Hateful Eight"

    Hast Recht, bei dem Thema geht es viel einfacher vonstatten, ich musste nicht einmal das Internet zu Hilfe nehmen. :-)
    Es gibt noch unendliche weitere, aber fürs Erste reicht es jetzt einmal.


    1. Eine schöne Liste, die mir sehr gut gefällt! - an Saw habe ich übrigens auch gedacht. Und stimmt, man könnte noch ganz viele andere hinzufügen :)

  4. I also went with horror for my picks. I love 30 Days of Night. I'm not a big fan of The Collector, but it works. Still need to The Cube. Great picks

    1. Another one who picked horror movies, nice to hear! 30 Days of Night is really great :)

  5. I can't watch horror films like this...too scary but great choices especially the vampire one. When you mentioned The Collector I thought you picked the 1960's movie where a deranged man collects a woman and keeps her in a room.

    1. That's what I love about the horror movies - to be scared :) But after watching a few you get used to it, sadly. I really want to see the 60s movie of The Collector!

  6. Haven't seen any of these - not a horror fan at all - but I did start to watch The Cube at uni but I fell asleep....

    1. If you fell asleep you're really not a fan of the genre, made me laugh anyways :D

  7. Haven't seen any of these, but 30 Days of Night is already on my watchlist.

    1. Have fun watching 30 Days Of Night - I really enjoyed it!