[Blogparade] Thursday Movie Picks #99


Wanderer von Wandering through the Shelves hat vor längerer Zeit diese kleine Parade namens "Thursday Movie Picks" ins Leben gerufen und ich möchte 2016 nun mit einsteigen. Es geht darum, jeden Donnerstag eine Liste mit drei Filmen zu einem Thema zu posten. Da es sich ausserdem um eine englische Challenge handelt, werde ich die Liste zweisprachig machen. So kann ich auch gleich mein Englisch trainieren ;)

Includes English version (sorry for all mistakes!) :)

#99 - Wedding Movies
  1. The Corpse Bride/Corpse Bride
    Ich bin mir sicher, den Film gesehen zu haben, kann mich aber nicht im Geringsten daran erinnern. Schämen sollte ich mich. Aber immerhin ist das ein guter Grund, den Film noch einmal zu sehen, schliesslich ist es ein Tim Burton. Vielleicht ist dies auch der einzige Hochzeitsfilm, den ich ohne zu meckern schauen würde ;)

    Even though I'm sure I saw this movie I barely remember it. Shame on me. But it's a good reason to rewatch it, it's a Tim Burton movie after all. Maybe the only wedding movie I'd watch without complaining ;)

  2.  Sweet Home Alabama/Sweet Home Alabama
    Diesen Film habe ich mehrmals gesehen. Und gemocht! Ja, ich! Ich, die ich beinahe wahnsinnig geworden wäre, als ich vom heutigen Thema erfuhr. Naja, vielleicht mochte ich auch einfach nur das Lied. Denn das ist immerhin gut.

    I saw this movie a couple of times. And I even liked it! Yes, me! Me who almost went nuts when I found it what todays topic was. Well, maybe I just liked the song. At least that one is nice.

  3. Shrek/Shrek
    Oh, wie habe ich Shrek geliebt! Ich habe den Film... sehr oft gesehen. Vor allem wegen Esel, er ist so witzig! Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen Shrek und Fiona - naja, man muss damit leben. Ich denke immer noch, dass es keine gute Idee ist, jemanden zu heiraten, den man gerade mal zwei Tage kennt...

    Aw, I used to love Shrek! I saw it like... a lot of time. Mostly I liked it because of Donkey, he's one funny guy! The love story between Shrek and Fiona - well, one has to deal with it. I still don't think that getting married after knowing each other for two days is a good idea...

Welche Filme fallen euch noch ein?
What other movies come to your mind?

Kommentare :

  1. Please rewatch Corpse Bride, it's amazing!! I also liked Shrek mostly because of Donkey :)

  2. Nice to see Sweet Home Alabama turn up, it never occurred to me but it's a cute comedy of its type. Reese is charming and Candice Bergen has fun as Patrick Dempsey's mom. I'm not an animation fan in the least but thanks to my nieces and nephews I've seen enough of Shrek to know it's a pleasant film that is widely beloved. Never saw The Corpse Bride and have zero inclination to but it fits well.

    I like wedding movies, I wouldn't say I seek them out but I don't mind when they turn up and there is an almost inexhaustible supply so I cast around a bit to try and find a trio that were more obscure to throw a little light on. These are the three I came up with.

    A Wedding (1978)-Robert Altman directed film with his usual kaleidoscopic cast ranging from Lillian Gish to Desi Arnaz, Jr. of the friends and family of a young couple who intermingle at a mansion before, during and after the ceremony, not always harmoniously. Not one of his wholly successful pictures but if you’re a fan of the director worth seeking out.

    Royal Wedding (1951)-Tom and Ellen Bowen (Fred Astaire & Jane Powell), an American brother & sister dance team, are headed to a London booking that coincides with the celebrations of the upcoming 1947 marriage of then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. During the sea voyage Ellen meets Lord Brindale (Peter Lawford) and falls for him. Upon arrival Tom and Ellen begin planning their show where Tom meets the elegant Anne Ashmond (Sarah Churchill-Winston’s daughter) during auditions. So smitten is he with her he literally dances on the ceiling. Many memorable dance numbers later this MGM musical culminates in many nuptials.

    It Had to Be You (1947)-Daffy comedy starring Ginger Rogers as a socialite notorious for leaving men at the altar. On her fourth fiancé she’s certain she’s found the right man until on a train trip another turns up in her dreams claiming to be her true love. Returning home she’s flustered to discover the man really exists, or is he a figment of her imagination? Sort of a precursor to Runaway Bride with a twist.

    1. Glad you like Sweet Home Alabama. And nice to hear that you watched Shrek with the kids even though not liking animation.
      The Royal Wedding was mentioned somewhere else as well. Sounds interesting because it features Fred Astaire.

  3. Hallo!

    "Very Bad Things" (eigentlich geht es um einen schief gegangenen Junggesellenabschied)
    "Bride Wars - Beste Feindinnen"
    "Lizenz zum Heiraten"
    "Hangover" (schief gegangener Junggesellenabschied, ich denke, die Filme kennt wirklich jeder *g*)
    "Selbst ist die Braut"
    "Verliebt in die Braut"
    "Die Hochzeit meines besten Freundes"
    "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
    "Vater der Braut" (ich meine den Film mit Steve Martin)
    "Sex and the City - Der Film"
    "Vier Hochzeiten und ein Todesfall"


    1. Ein paar Filme deiner Liste habe ich sogar gesehen :D (aber vor vielen Jahren ;)

  4. All these films are good but I could not get into The Corpse Bride because my good friend just lost her child to SIDS. I love Shrek and Sweet Home Alabama was a sweet romantic film

    1. I'm sorry to hear that and that's a reason I can relate to.

  5. Great picks!! Forgot about the wedding in Sweet Home Alabama - I usually associate it with 'going back home to your roots' theme but the wedding is the climax of the film!

    1. Thank you :) And yes, it of course fits the roots theme as well!

  6. Aww Sweet Home Alabama! I'm not a fan of rom coms but I have a soft spot for that one. Great picks!

  7. Do I have to comment in English like anyone else did :D?

    Ah, don't kill the magic with your realism ^^. Shrek is more a fairytale, it doesn't have to be realistic. And at least Fiona is a tough woman.
    I loved the firs Shrek movies but the last one (Was the last one the one with Rumpelstiltskin?) was not as good as the others. Maybe they lack good ideas by now or maybe I'm just growing old, who knows.
    Btw, I can't believe the first movie is 15 years old in 2016! :0
    And did you know the movies are based on a book? I just learned this from Wikipedia :D.

    1. You don't have to comment in English as long as you use a language I'm able to understand or use Google Translator on ;)

      Fiona really is a though girl. Maybe if I'd do a rewatch I'd think differently about Shrek. Sadly, I also think that they might run out of ideas :/
      15 years already? Ok, maybe I'm really growing old... Or at least I feel pretty old right now!
      Never heard about the book but happily there's Wikipedia to tell us so :D