[Blogparade] Thursday Movie Picks #82

Wanderer von Wandering through the Shelves hat vor längerer Zeit diese kleine Parade namens "Thursday Movie Picks" ins Leben gerufen und ich möchte 2016 nun mit einsteigen. Es geht darum, jeden Donnerstag eine Liste mit drei Filmen zu einem Thema zu posten. Da es sich ausserdem um eine englische Challenge handelt, werde ich die Liste zweisprachig machen. So kann ich auch gleich mein Englisch trainieren ;)

Includes English version :)

#82 Valentine's Edition: Star-Crossed Lovers

Eigentlich mag ich keine Liebesfilme (obwohl ich ein Mädchen bin *g*), aber hier sollte ich schon etwas zustande bringen können :)

I'm not really into movies about love (even though I'm a girl) but I think I'll find some movies to fit in here :)
  1. Yossi & Jagger/Yossi & Jagger
    Das war der erste Film, der mir zum Thema in den Sinn kam. Ein israelischer Film über zwei Soldaten, die sich ineinader verlieben. Ein so wundervoller und zugleich trauriger Film...

    This was the first movie to come to my mind when I heard about today's topic. An Israeli film about two solders falling in love. It's such a beautiful and at rthe same time sad movie...

  2.  Das Mädchen, das durch die Zeit sprang/The girl who lept through timeAuch so ein Paar, das will, aber nie sein wird. Romantisch, aber ohne Kitsch. Zeitreisen sind nicht so einfach und sooft Makoto es auch versucht, das Ende bleibt dasselbe.

    Another pair that wants to be but never will be. Romantic but without kitsch. Time travelling ain't easy and how often makoto tries the end stays the same.

  3. The Illusionist/The IllusionistSind sie nun oder sind sie nicht? Stirbt sie oder stirbt sie nicht? In diesem Film ist nichts so, wie es scheint und fallt bloss nicht auf den Illusionisten herein! Ich sollte den Film noch einmal schauenund versuchen, die Tricks zu erraten ;)

    Are they together or are they not? Does she die or does she not? In this movie nothing's the way it seems to be and don't fall for the illusionist! I really need to rewatch this film and try to get his tricks ;)

Kommentare :

  1. Gut, ich könnte jetzt zig Liebesfilme aufzählen, aber ehrlich gesagt, obwohl ich dieses Genre mag (obwohl ich ein Junge bin *ggg*), ist es dennoch schwer, spontan mit Filmtiteln um mich zu werfen.

    Ich versuchs mal für ein paar Minuten:
    "Weil es Dich gibt"
    "Für immer Liebe"
    "Briefe an Julia"
    "Freunde mit gewissen Vorzügen"
    "Schlaflos in Seattle"
    "E-Mail für dich"
    "French Kiss"
    "Zwei an einem Tag"
    "Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie"
    "Er steht einfach nicht auf dich"
    "Die Brücken am Fluss"
    Eigentlich auch hier "Starbuck"
    Doch, auch "American Pie"
    "Fifty Shades of Grey" (laut meiner Meinung ist es ein Liebesfilm)
    "True Romance" (krank, ich weiß, aber Liebe ist Liebe)
    "Natural Born Killers" (sehr krank, ich weiß, aber Liebe ist Liebe)
    "Brokeback Mountain"
    "In The Mood For Love"
    "Happy Together"

    So, ich denke mehr fällt mir jetzt im Moment nicht ein. Ich muss aber an dieser Stelle gleich gestehen, bei der obigen Liste hatte ich Hilfe von Internet und meiner DVD-Sammlung. :-)


    1. Klasse, wieder einmal eine riesige Liste :D Alle Filme kenne ich nicht, aber "Brokeback Mountain" wurde auch auf anderen Blogs oft genannt. "Zwei an einem Tag" ist auch eine tolle Wahl!

  2. I haven't seen The Girl Who Lept Through Time but the other two are wonderful picks! Neither occurred to me but both fit so well. Yossi & Jagger is a real heartbreaker, beautifully acted. I LOVE The Illusionist and should really watch it again soon. I'm not always the biggest fan of Edward Norton but he really excelled in this. The period detail was also terrific and really added an extra layer to the film.

    I chose three that go further back and added a brief quote from each to give a feeling of how they fit the theme.

    The Way We Were (1973)-Memories will light the corners of your mind after viewing this high quality drama of Jewish radical Katie Morosky (Babs) and "gorgeous goyish guy" Hubbell Gardner (Robert Redford) who attend college together in the 30’s then meet again during WWII and despite immense differences fall in love. The film follows their problem plagued relationship through dating, marriage and the Hollywood blacklist. Tale of doomed love is ultra-romantic with political overtones has nice period detail and perhaps Streisand’s career best performance.

    **Star-crossed quote- "I want us to love each other. The trouble is we do."

    Funny Girl (1968)-Gawky, burning with ambition and massively talented Fanny Brice is trying to make her way in show biz, by chance she meets suave professional gambler Nicky Arnstein who helps give her a step up. Sensing a spark but pulled apart by circumstances Fanny continues her ascent occasionally running into Nick until a fateful encounter leads to a great love. Problem is Fanny’s compiling one triumph on top of another while Nick feeling the pressure of being “Mr. Brice” suffers a series of bad luck deals leading to a disastrous decision (and an emotion packed finale). Oscar winning showcase for Streisand, how much is true is questionable though the real life Brice and Arnstein did have a troubled marriage.

    **Star-crossed quote-Nick: “I thought maybe, finally, at last my luck had changed…but it hadn’t. “Fanny-“So it will change tomorrow, the way it has a hundred other time. Everybody has a run of bad luck now and then it doesn’t mean anything.” Nick-“How would you know darling? You never lose.”

    A Star is Born (1954)-Band singer Esther Blodgett (Judy Garland) saves movie star Norman Maine (James Mason) from making a drunken fool of himself at a Hollywood benefit when he stumbles into her act. Intrigued he tracks her down to a late night club and discovers that she possesses “that little something extra” that makes a great star and convinces her to leave the band. After some complications a friendship develops leading to a romance and marriage but as Esther, now rechristened Vicki Lester, rises ever higher Norman, trapped by demons in a downward spiral, falls leading to tragedy for all. Judy’s pinnacle both vocally and dramatically. She’s almost matched by Mason and they are supported by strong work from Charles Bickford, Tommy Noonan and especially Jack Carson.

    **Star-crossed quote:
    “Love isn't enough, I thought it was. I thought I was the answer for Norman. But love isn't enough for him. No matter how much you love someone — how do you live out the days? How?”

    1. I'm so happy to hear you know Yossi & Jagger since it's not very famous around here. Sadly, I haven't seen many of Nortons movies but The Illusions is a great piece of art!

      All your picks sound very interesting and I love that you even chose a quote to every film.

  3. I have not seen the first 2 at all but I have seen The Illusionist and I, also, need to see it again. It is so richly layered.

  4. I haven't seen any of these, but The Illusionist is on my shelf waiting

  5. I hope you won't let it wait for to long ;)