[Blogparade] Thursday Movie Picks #94


Wanderer von Wandering through the Shelves hat vor längerer Zeit diese kleine Parade namens "Thursday Movie Picks" ins Leben gerufen und ich möchte 2016 nun mit einsteigen. Es geht darum, jeden Donnerstag eine Liste mit drei Filmen zu einem Thema zu posten. Da es sich ausserdem um eine englische Challenge handelt, werde ich die Liste zweisprachig machen. So kann ich auch gleich mein Englisch trainieren ;)
Includes English version (sorry for all mistakes!) :)

#93: Affairs
Entschuldigt die Verspätung, gestern hat's nicht mehr gereicht...
Sorry for being late - I couldn't make it yesterday...
  1. The Taste of Money/The Taste of Money
    Ein Angestellter und die hübsche Tochter der reichen Familie. Wo das hinführt? Wahrscheinlich nirgendwohin.

    The employee and the beautiful daughter a rich family. Where this is going? Nowhere, I guess.
  2. Ex Machina/Ex Machina
    Darüber kann man diskutieren, aber da ich so wenig Google wie möglich verwenden will, führe ich diesen Film nun hier an. Immerhin gibt es sowas wie sexuelle Spannungen, einen Twist und Lügen.

    This one is one to talk about. But since I don't want to use Google I list it here. After all there is high sexual tension, there are twist and lies.

  3. Casablanca/Casablanca
    Wie lange wollte ich diesen Film schon sehen? Heute Nachmittag ist es endlich so weit! Ich freu mich so!

    For how long did I want to watch this movie? This afternoon I finally get to see it! I'm so excited!

    Welche Filme fallen euch noch so ein?
    What other movies come to your mind?

Kommentare :

  1. Interesting picks of which I've only seen Casablanca which is just such a wonderfully romantic film full of longing and fantastic acting. Hope you like it when you get the chance to see it, I'm fairly confident you will, it's a special film.

    Ex-Machina is on my list to see I just haven't gotten to it yet. Never heard of The Taste of Money, I'll have to look it to it further.

    There's so many films about affairs to choose from my list to be miles long, I chose three that are favorites:

    Second Skin (2000)-Madrid housewife Elena (Ariadna Gil) suspects her husband Alberto (Jordi Molla) of having an affair, threatening their seemingly happy life with their son. Devastated when she discovers not only that her suspicions were correct but that the person he is involved with is a man, surgeon Diego (Javier Bardem) she confronts Alberto. At first he insists that it was a momentary lapse but eventually confesses that he is genuinely in love with Diego and torn between his two lives.

    They Won’t Believe Me (1947)-Larry Ballentine (Robert Young) is on trial for murder and as he takes the stand in his defense the film explores the story of how he’s found himself there. Indifferent to his wealthy wife Gretta (Rita Johnson) who loves him deeply Larry is a cad involved in a quadrangle with her, his mistress Janice (Jane Greer) and a secretary at his insurance office, Verna (Susan Hayward). A reprobate who is never satisfied with what he has he makes a series of selfish decisions that lead to tragedy. Even if he’s innocent of the crime accused is he indeed blameless. Nifty noir with a super, out of character performance from the usually good guy Young and a great ending.

    The Macomber Affair (1947)-Francis Macomber (Robert Preston) and his wife Margaret (Joan Bennett) arrive in Kenya for a safari and hire experienced hunter Robert Wilson (Gregory Peck) as their guide. Their marriage is a troubled one and Margaret becomes openly interested in Wilson with disastrous consequences. A three person chamber piece with both Peck and Preston doing good work but the standout is the under-appreciated Joan Bennett as a woman turned into a hard article by a bad marriage. Though subtle gestures and sly looks she gives the film a tough grounded center and has rarely looked so beautiful. A solid adventure film with noir elements and a Hemingway feel. The film is an adaptation of one of his short stories.

    1. Thank you for your comment and your picks.
      Second Skin sounds like a movie I would like!

  2. Hallo!

    "Ein unmoralisches Angebot"
    "Die Reifeprüfung"
    Woody Allen
    "Das Appartement"
    "Match Point"
    "Die Verachtung"
    "Bei Anruf: Mord"
    "Ein perfekter Mord"
    "Blood Simple"
    "Eyes Wide Shut"
    "Crazy, Stupid, Love"
    "Der Ghostwriter"
    "Brokeback Mountain"
    "The Descendants"
    "Der große Gatsby"
    "Vanilla Sky"

    Ich denke, fürs Erste reicht es mal. :-)

    Wieder einmal mit Zuhilfenahme unseres guten alten Freundes, des Internets. :-)


    1. Brokeback Mountain habe ich damals noch im Kino gesehen :D Ui, das ist lange her! Und Gatsby habe ich nur gelesen, aber (noch?) nicht gesehen. Dafür liegt Vanilla Sky auf unserem SUB!

    2. Ich habe "Brokeback Mountain" zum ersten Mal im Fernsehen gesehen. Du kannst dir sicher denken, dass ich "Gatsby" nicht gelesen habe. Filmversionen gibt es ja einige von diesem Stoff, ich kenne die neuere, nämlich die mit Leonardo DiCaprio, die zwar schön opulent ausgestattet war, aber mehr nicht. "Vanilla Sky" ist ein wirklich schöner, warmherziger Film. :-)


    3. Die von Leo ist ja recht bekannt und irgendwie habe ich auch Lust, den Film :) Mal sehen, wie mir Vanilla Sky gefallen wird.

    4. Puh, schwer, denn ich weiß ja, dass du Liebesfilme gar nicht so toll findest.
      Allerdings ist "Vanilla Sky" jetzt keine A-typische Liebesgeschichte.


    5. Wenn es keine typische Liebesgeschichte ist, könnte es mir noch gefallen. Weniger gut kommen bei mir halt diese typischen "Für Frauen gemacht"-Liebesgeschichte an, die sind oft sowas von überkitscht und unreal.

    6. Nein, so etwas ist "Vanilla Sky" garantiert nicht.


  3. Casablanca is an excellent film for this and can fit other places also. I am holding back with this film. I just saw Ex Machina this year and never thought of it as an affair but it is and quite a unique choice. I haven't seen the other one though

  4. I didn't like Ex Machina but Casablanca is one of my favourite romances ever!

    1. Really? I enjoyed Ex Machina more than I thought. Still didn't get to see Casablanca but I'm looking forward to it!