[Blogparade] Thursday Movie Picks #92


Wanderer von Wandering through the Shelves hat vor längerer Zeit diese kleine Parade namens "Thursday Movie Picks" ins Leben gerufen und ich möchte 2016 nun mit einsteigen. Es geht darum, jeden Donnerstag eine Liste mit drei Filmen zu einem Thema zu posten. Da es sich ausserdem um eine englische Challenge handelt, werde ich die Liste zweisprachig machen. So kann ich auch gleich mein Englisch trainieren ;)
Includes English version (sorry for all mistakes!) :)

#92: Fish Out Of Water Movies

Bei diesem Thema brauchte es für mich erst auch etwas Recherche. Fische ausserhalb des Wassers? Schon irgendwie seltsam, den Ausdruck kannte ich zwar und auch seine Bedeutung, aber in Bezug auf Filme war ich dann doch etwas überfragt. Doch es ist ganz einfach, denn der Sinn ändert sich gar nicht. In diesen Filmen geht es um Figuren, die aus ihrem gewohnten Leben gerissen werden und sich in einer neuen, fremden Umgebung zurechtfinden müssen.

I had to do some research avout this topic. Fish out of water movies? It was strange, I knew the meaning behind this saying but related to movies I wasn't sure if I was right. But it's easy, the meaning doesn't change at all! It's about characters that have to face huge changes in their lifes and need to survive in an all new world.
  1. Shaun of the Dead/Shaun of the Dead
    Und eines Tages wachst du auf und alle deine Mitmenschen sind Zombies. Shaun zumindest ergeht es so. Und nun muss er nicht einfach nur Zombies umlegen, sondern ist plötzlich auch noch für das Überleben einer Gruppe verantwortlich...

    And one day you wake up and your fellow men are zombies. This happens to Shaun. And it's not only about killing zombies but he also finds himself as the leader of a group of survivors...

  2. Hozz Fuzz/Hot FuzzKlasse! Noch mehr Simon Pegg und Nick Frost! Hot Fuzz passt wie die Faust aufs Auge. Ein Grossstadtpolizist wird in ein kleines, verschlafenes Nest versetzt. Da ziehen seine bekannten Methoden natürlich nicht. Und sowieso stimmt hier etwas ganz und gar nicht.

    Yey! More Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! Hozz Fuzz is a perfect match. A police officer has to move from the big city to a cute little village. Of course his methods don't work here. And something's totally wrong here, too!

  3. Rango/RangoEin putziges Tierchen landet mitten in der Wüste (so viel zum Thema Fisch) und mitten im Ärger. Plötzlich ist Rango Beschützer einer kleinen Stadt, die sich vollkommen auf ihn verlässt. Ob das gut gehen wird?

    A cute pet ends up in the middle of the desert (so much for the fish) and soon gets into trouble. Suddenly, Rango is the protector of a small village, that is relying on him. Will this work out?

    Welche Filme fallen euch noch so ein?
    What other movies come to your mind?

Kommentare :

  1. Interesting picks. I've only seen Hot Fuzz which I started out really liking and it lost me along the way as it just became more absurd, though I seem to be in the minority feeling that way. I've heard of Shaun of the Dead but zombies just aren't my thing so I've skipped it. Likewise I'm not an animation guy so Rango is another I've given the go by but I know several people who liked it very much.

    This theme provides a big pool to choose from which I think shows in the wide range of picks for the week. I was able to come up with three very easily, not always the case. Here are mine:

    Blast from the Past (1999)-An absurd premise, a slightly nutty 60’s scientist and his pregnant homemaker wife (Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek, both ideal) lock themselves into a bomb shelter for 35 years under the false impression that nuclear war has been declared then sending their grown son out into a strange new world for supplies, is played with charming whimsy. Brendan Fraser uses his size and somewhat goofy personality to make son Adam believable as a big overgrown child in a man's body. He and Alicia Silverstone as Eve the woman who takes Adam under her wing have a nice vibe with her worldliness playing well off his innocence. A sweet, breezy film with the underlying message to respect each other and enjoy the world around you.

    My Cousin Vinny (1992)-Two young men are falsely accused of murder in the deep South, desperate they contact the only lawyer either knows, Vinnie the New York cousin of one of the boys who has finally passed the bar on his sixth try. Down he and his brassy fiancée come, hilarity ensues! Hard to say who is funnier Joe Pesci, the Oscar winning Marisa Tomei or the deadpan Fred Gwynne in his final performance as the judge whose patience is stretched to the limit.

    Time After Time (1979)-In the London of 1893 H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) plans to use his time machine to travel to the Utopian paradise he believes is the future. As he prepares to make the journey Jack the Ripper (David Warner), on the run from the police, hijacks the machine and travels to 70’s San Francisco. When the machine returns to Victorian England Wells uses it to follow him. Perplexed by the modern world H.G. enlists the help of Amy (Mary Steenburgen) a bank teller he meets to catch Jack before he can resume his killing spree. During the pursuit Wells falls for Amy, even as she has a hard time believing his wild story of time travel. A thriller with a fine mixture of humor and suspense, McDowell and Steenburgen fell in love while making this film and were married for a decade.

    1. Hot Fuzz really starts to get absurd at some point, might be the reason I like it :D
      I've seen Blast From The Past when I was a kid and again as a teen. It was given another name in the German version and I used to like it. I remember it as a very sweet movie, so I guess I wouldn't like it now :D

  2. I really like Simon Pegg but haven't seen either of these films but want to. I haven't seen Rango either but it looks cute and funny.

    1. I started to like Simon Pegg by watching those movies and I hope to see more films with him as an actor in. The movies are really funny and enjoyable, and Rango of course, too :)

  3. OMG Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOSE TWO MOVIES! And Rango is also cute.

    1. I do, too :D I was so happy I could put those two here :)

  4. Shaun of the Dead is great! Rango is a very inspired pick. I never would've thought of that.

  5. Hallo!

    "Tanz der Teufel"
    "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer"
    "Toy Story"
    "The Truman Show" (mithilfe einer Internet-Recherche, passt aber ebenfalls perfekt, wie ich finde)
    "Natürlich blond" (ebenfalls mithilfe einer Internet-Recherche)
    "Zurück in die Zukunft" (erfahren ebenfalls durch Internet-Recherche, nach langem Überlegen war ich dann der Meinung: doch)
    "City Slickers" (Internet-Recherche)
    "Crocodile Dundee" (Internet-Recherche)
    "Demolition Man" (Internet-Recherche)
    "Die Besucher" mit Jean Reno
    "Aus dem Dschungel, in den Dschungel" (Internet-Recherche)
    "Im Körper des Feindes" (Internet-Recherche, ebenfalls lange überlegt, aber auch hier stimmt es eigentlich)
    "Der Zauberer von Oz" (Internet-Recherche)
    "Pleasentville" (Internet-Recherche)
    "Zum Teufel mit den Millionen"
    "Der einzige Zeuge" (Internet-Recherche)

    Ich denke, fürs Erste reicht es mal. :-)


    1. Zu diesem Thema gibt es echt viel, nicht wahr? Dieses Mal hatte ich nicht einmal ich Mühe, genügend Stoff zu finden :D Und alle Filme deiner Liste passen hervorragend.